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Myrtle Beach Rear Mount Bike Basket

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Myrtle Beach Rear Mount Bike Basket (Natural)

The Myrtle Beach rear mounted basket is named for the beautiful dog friendly treasure of South Carolina. With spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as beautiful nature scenery, the Myrtle Beach area is the perfect place to knock out a few miles on a bicycle. Friendly dogs are welcome on the beach but must be on-leash at all times.

Along with the Cape May rear mounted basket, the Myrtle Beach has the best carrying capacity of any hand-crafted wicker basket we make. It can easily carry dogs up to 20 lbs by mounting to your rear bicycle rack. This natural willow basket uses a reinforced weaving technique in important structural areas to give it maximum strength while taking your companion for a ride. This basket is almost 4 inches longer inside than the Cape May and not as tall in the rear. It has an amazing carrying capacity but due to its rear mounted location, we recommend always using two basket leashes or a cage to ensure the safety of your best friend.


The Myrtle Beach is available with an optional wire cage for small dogs. Total height under cage is 11 1/2 inches. Appropriate for small dogs or cats.


Please see our complete line of basket accessories for beautiful handmade liners and pillows that fit this basket.

Will your dog fit? See our Fit Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Due to the large variety of rear bike racks, we do not offer mounting hardware. Typical hardware store U-bolts will work with most bike racks. Please email us for help mounting this basket or consult any bicycle shop.


    Product Dimensions:

    Shape Long oval. Flat at the front toward bike seat.
    Dimensions Bottom inside - 7.5 x 15 inches
    Top inside - 10.5 x 17.5 inches
    Height of basket wall - 8 inches all around (Height is reduced one inch when using a pillow)
    Color Natural
    Material Willow
     Holds dogs up to 20 lbs. Limited by fit
    This is a handmade product: Dimensions may be off by as much as 1/2 inch



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    30 Day return policy on all products. Lifetime quality guarantee on all baskets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Worked Perfect

    We bought this basket for our puppy and she loves it. She had no issues from the moment we put her in. We decided to do the double leash and the wire top with the idea that she will eventually graduate to just the leashes. We use removable straps to attach the basket and bring the basket in our house. She loves it so much it is her favorite spot to sleep. Thanks for creating a perfect commuter product!


    This basket is really adorable!!! I can’t wait to use it more in the summer! I wish it came with mounting hardware it was a bit diffult to find u bolts that can be small enough to fit through the basket without damaging it. Other than that I’m really glad I purchased this basket!

    Great for a wiener dog!

    I've been searching for a back basket for my bicycle for a long time. I stumbled across this company on a google search and was hooked. I was originally looking for one big enough to fit 2, 15-20 lbs dachshunds, sadly we lost one in May, but that made my basket search a bit easier. Booker is a small standard dachshund who weighs 15 lbs and this basket fits him. As a long dog, it can be a tighter fit, but when he calms down into the ride he's has plenty of room. I ordered a basket cover and pillow for him, unfortunately the pillow took up too much room! I solved the problem by taking a bit of the stuffing out of it to make it flatter. Now we have a great fitting pillow and a smooth ride. I purchased the basket topper for this basket, unfortunately Booker is too tall for it to fit him, luckily for me he's calm enough in the basket he didn't end up needing it. We did get the leash splitter and attached it with loops, it's really the only way to keep him safe. Ended up attaching the basket with zip ties until I can find a basket bracket, we don't do anything too intense as far as riding, so I'm comfortable with the zip ties for now.
    Love the basket and the product! Will definitely recommend to friends!

    For our Corgi

    We love our basket! It is beautiful and was easy to attach to our bikes. We used a strap with a plastic buckle clasp. I highly recommend getting two tethers for the basket so you dog has no chance of jumping out. With the tethers they can still move around in the basket.

    Myrtle Beach Dog Basket

    My dog Alice loves her Myrtle Beach Basket! She's a bichon-maltese mix, 15lbs, and this basket fits her perfectly. She prefers to ride facing forward.
    The basket doesn't come with any mounting equipment so my husband had to cut a piece of plywood to mount the basket to, then used heavy duty zip ties to secure on the rack of my bicycle. I also ordered the aqua blue stripes basket liner w/pillow and a leash coupler. I use a harness & clip to attach to the leash coupler to secure Alice in the basket. Seems to secure her fairly well, she's been known to try and jump out.
    The basket is also great for a general use basket. I recently went on a "pub crawl" with friends and was happy to have a large basket to put all of our stuff in... bike locks, water bottles, jackets, extra helmets, etc.

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