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Cape May Rear Mount Bike Basket (White)

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Cape May Rear Mount Bike Basket (White)

Cape May is the furthest point of the South Jersey Shore. It’s the crown jewel of the region with gorgeous sandy beaches and an old-world town center filled with gingerbread Victorian houses and quaint bed and breakfasts. Cape May has a nice selection of dog friendly accommodations. Bicycle lovers with dogs are encouraged to take their four-legged friends for a ride on the boardwalk during the off season

The Cape May is a large wicker basket that is mounted to your rear bicycle rack. This willow basket is reinforced to provide strength where it is needed most in order to hold dogs up to 18 lbs. A light spray of latex paint gives the Cape May brings a light accent to your bike while providing durability against the sun and humid conditions. Due to its rear mounted location we recommend always using a

basket leash to ensure the safety of your best friend.


Please see our complete line of basket accessories for beautiful handmade liners and pillows that fit this basket.

Will your dog fit? See our Fit Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Due to the large variety of rear bike racks, we do not offer mounting hardware. Typical hardware store U-bolts will work with most bike racks. Please email us for help mounting this basket or consult any bicycle shop.


    Product Dimensions:

    Shape Long "D". Taller in back than in front.
    Dimensions Bottom inside - 8 x 11 inches
    Top inside - 10 x 15 1/2 inches
    Height of basket wall - 7.5" in the front, 11.5" at the rear (Height is reduced one inch when using a pillow)
    Color White
    Material Willow
     Holds dogs up to 18 lbs. Limited by fit.
    This is a handmade product: Dimensions may be off by as much as 1/2 inch


    Designed by Beach and Dog Co and sold exclusively and

    30 Day money back guarantee on all products. Lifetime quality guarantee on all baskets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Fantastic ride for Ziggy

    I have been most pleased with my rear-mounted basket, liner, cushion and the short leashes to keep Ziggy from doing anything crazy. It is a high quality product and looks great as we ride around our Charleston neighborhood. As soon as I unboxed the basket, Ziggy (Chihuahua mix) sensed it was his and enjoyed sitting in it on our living room floor for a day or two until I mounted it on the bike. Now he enjoys our rides, despite his inability to indulge his extreme fascination with urine as up-close and personal as he is accustomed to when we walk. This having him sit in the basket prior to mounting was a good step for his accommodation in advance of putting the pooch in for the first ride.
    In terms of the mounting hardware and system, the side thumbscrew worked fine for the type of rear rack that I have. Because my rear rack had a thin, flat metal panel on it, I had to drill a hole through that panel to accommodate the bottom thumbscrew. But I'm glad I did that and used both, because the basket was noticeably more stable with the two screws compared to with the side screw alone. I highly recommend this classy basket for dogs up to about 12 or 16 pounds.

    Absolutely perfect

    We bought the Rear Rack Bike Baskets for our Scoozy Electric Bikes with the Basket liners. Our bike racks were too wide for the mounting bracket that comes with the baskets. No problem. I mounted them with heavy duty zip ties. They're 1/2 inch wide zip ties that can handle 240 lbs. A little over kill, but they worked great. Our two boys love bike riding with us now.


    Love our baskets !!!
    And this company. They are so kind and quick with their service too!
    We are pleased with the new basket design with the thicker wood bottom. Much sturdier and so stable. You will be very happy with your purchase and you can trust that if there are any questions or problems you will receive a very quick, courteous and thorough response. They go out of their way to make sure you happy with their product. Enjoy !
    Thank you Beach Dog !!!

    We love this basket

    I frequently get comments from people when Daisy (my Westie pup) and I are out running errands: "so cute." More importantly, Daisy loves to ride in the along.
    I found the perfect rear bike rack that works hand-in-hand with Beach and Dog Co.'s new attachment mechanism. Simplified everything. And I was able to use the shorter "thumb screw" of the attachment mechanism on the side, and eliminate the second, longer screw entirely.
    I purchased the liner at the same time - a must. And the safety straps have already protected Daisy in a quick stop.
    I thank Beach and Dog Co. for providing such a wonderful product. I would purchase again in a heartbeat.

    Ruby's beach ride-along

    My Ruby and I absolutely love this comfy basket. Every Fathers Day weekend for over 25 years my family has a reunion at the beach in Wildwood Crest NJ. One of our traditions is to rent bikes and ride the length of the boardwalk on Saturday morning to our breakfast destination (can you imagine the the trail of the 45+ riders). For the last few years I've rented a bike with a basket for my Ruby to ride-along in, but the rental is only for a couple hours and goes by so quickly, and I always need to bring plenty of beach towels to make sure the basket is somewhat comfortable for Ruby. This year I decided to purchase a bike of my own. The Beach & Dog Co basket was the perfect fit both for my bike and for my JRT Ruby. I am so happy with my purchase, and Ruby is too. Now, back at home in Pennsylvania, I take Ruby for rides all the time. When she sees me easily strapping the basket to the back rack of my bike she gets so excited knowing she's headed for an outing. Thank you Beach & Dog Co for making such a wonderfully crafted, beautiful and comfortable basket for my Ruby to ride-along!

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