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    Paw Grip (2 oz Twist Up) All Natural and Organic Formula

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    Use daily indoors to improve traction on smooth surfaces. Reapply as necessary. Use prior to outdoor activities like hikes, walks on hot pavement, cold dry weather, after fresh snow or salt. With regular use hard waxes remain on paw pads to help give traction on smooth and slippery surfaces.



    Carnauba Wax, Organic Bees Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E


    Apply generous amount to paw pads. Distract dog to prevent licking until oils have been fully absorbed. Hard waxes remain to gives traction on smooth surfaces. It's normal for some oil residue to be present for first few steps. Apply daily to keep paw pads in peak condition.



    Beach & Dog Co. Proudly Supports Our Local Animal Shelters

    A portion of all sales are donated to local animal shelters to help stray, abandoned, and surrendered dogs for the purpose of finding permanent new homes and reasonable cost general veterinary services. Your purchase supports the dignity and quality of life of these animals.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Maria L.
    non slip dog feet

    This seems to work well to make the floors less slick.
    I got it because it isn't an aerosol like others, which my dog doesn't like.

    Lianna F.
    Easier than I thought!

    My 65lb. Collie with hip dysplasia and my hardwood floors do not make a good pair. She would scramble like Bambi multiple times a day to go pull security at anything passing by our window. This product really does give her quite the grip to not slide all over! Now she can “clock-in” safely lol.

    I found rubbing it onto my hand first to warm up and then massaging on to her paw pads was the easiest way to apply. You don’t need much and bonus points for how moisturizing it is and protective from winter salt. She didn’t lick at her paws or seem to mind it.

    Sherron J.
    Hope for my Lab

    I appreciate all of the ingredients this product has. I just don't see much improvement in his being able to get up on a non carpeted could be many reasons. But you said to be honest. My suggestion would be to change the delivery system so that more product is easily accessible...thank you!

    Jack H.
    Seems To Help Some......

    Mr. Bear has a hard time on our Vinyl Plank Floors.......Paw Grip seems to help but I need to apply daily if not more often.

    OSCAR L.
    This wax is amazing!

    After an elbow surgery and rehab for 6 weeks my 9 months old toy Chihuahua had real issues walking on the slippery porcelain floor of our house. The Dr recommended this brand and this specific wax since it's organic balanced. After 3 days he started to take baby steps around his bed and trying to reach the water bowl on his own. After 2 weeks of use at night only, he is running around just like before the accident. His pawns are really soft and he even enjoys the taste of the wax. Thank you much, your product is truly amazing.

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