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Stop the itch

Our Lab had very dry skin and will constantly scratch till his skin is raw. The shampoo is helping to maintain a good balance
now and both dogs are much happier playing rather then scratching all day.

Basket liner



Basket and liner are beautiful & well-made.

Malibu Front Mount Basket

Beautiful and extremely sturdy basket. Well made liner and pillow. Arrived promptly. My Cooper (senior pug-23 lbs) exceeded the max weight for this basket by a few pounds which caused the basket to rest against my bike gooseneck at a slight angle. We were able to make a modification to hold the basket completely upright. Cooper is very comfortable and loves going for rides! Amazing product! So glad I found Beach and Dog!!

Adorable, and perfect size for my dog

First a tip: If your dog isn't used to a basket or a bike i recommend that you first put the basket on the ground and for a few days put my dog in it while it's on the ground. Have him sit and lay down in it for treats. Then mount the basket and walk it around. Then ride it.

I've been for a ride (with treats) and he stayed in and seemed to enjoy it, so I'm very pleased. It's a great looking basket too.

I would have given it 5 stars if it were not for a few minor things. I felt the bottom of the basket (the thin wood part) could have been slightly thicker for more stability. I also had difficulty getting the basket to stay stable with just the two zip ties that were provided, and my dog is jumpy in something that isn't stable. I ended up drilling some holes in it and using bolts to bolt it to my panniere rack for extra stability. So now it has bolts and zip ties. I almost drilled large holes through the bottom for the zip ties but because the wood is thinner, i didn't feel it was strong enough to handle multiple holes. (The holes are covered up by the adorable basket liner and cushion i purchased, so none of my handy work is visible).

Canine sunscreen

The canine sunscreen works pretty well on our Sadie Girl’s nose. Even if she gets a little pink, by morning she’s fine. Kind of hard to keep her from licking it off though. But it really does help. Thank you!

Vey Sharp Looking Collar

Remy (my westie) has received so many compliments on this collar and leash set. It really looks beautiful with her white coat. It is very well made.

Great product

Soft material in a bright vibrant print, and it comes with a matching cushion!

Couldn’t choose so I bought two

These liners are so adorable that I bought two . The little campers is the sweetest little pattern in the fabric is a soft flannel. Easy to wash and put back on. I also bought the anchors which gives you a fun beach feel every time you ride your bike . My little Yorky rides in comfort and style.

My dog loves her basket

This basket is so beautiful, and so very well constructed. I felt completely confident that my dog (17 lb. Westie) would be safe in it, but I was unsure how she would feel about it. We "practiced" first, putting her in it (on the floor) and letting her get used to it. She didn't want to get out! It's a fantastic basket, and I'm so happy I found Beach & Dog! I'm recommending them to everyone I know.

Love it!!!

Love my new doggie basket and liner!!! Super fast shipping, amazing customer service (the owner added an extra 2 leashes in my basket so both of my dogs would have 2-for free!!!), and oh so adorable!!!

A must for any basket

I’m so glad I purchased this! My chihuahua is such a princess and now she’s comfortable being in the basket!


This basket is really adorable!!! I can’t wait to use it more in the summer! I wish it came with mounting hardware it was a bit diffult to find u bolts that can be small enough to fit through the basket without damaging it. Other than that I’m really glad I purchased this basket!

Wonderful Liner and Pillow

Love this liner and pillow for my beautiful basket! It fits perfectly and looks so stylish on my bike. Most of all it makes basket rides comfy for my doggo!! Very proud to go cruising the neighborhood with my Westie, Molly in our Beach & Dog Co basket and liner.

Perfect fit!

We love our basket liner! It arrived so quickly after ordering and the fit with the basket handles is perfect. Our fury friend also loves the added comfort of the matching cushion. The liner made our purchase of our Beach and Dog basket complete!

Paw Grip

This product really works!!! Anyone out there try it one time and you will be satisfied and your dog will not be afraid to walk over hardwood floors again. How would you like it if you felt like you were walking on ice all the time!!!

Paw grip

Great product. So glad I found it.

Strong, durable, and beautiful

It sure makes sense to buy a bike basket for your dog from a company that specializes in this! The basket is so well made. It is the perfect size for my 20-lb. dog and she just loves it. The pillow and leash coupler work great and she loves to ride along. The front bracket adds even more security. My dog is comfy and well protected. Thank you also for excellent customer service.

Anchors Away!

Color was perfect! Soft and well made. I was so excited the liner was already attached to the basket. Love it!

Perfect basket!

I am so happy with this basket. Camilla fits perfectly and loves to go on rides with me. This basket is light weight, very well made, attaches easily and securely ,and it’s super cute!

Unique Style & Excellent Quality

We (that is, Fox and her human family) couldn't be happier with the style and quality of this bicycle basket and checkerboard liner! We presented this to our daughter for her combination Easter basket/birthday present, and she was incredibly happy! Thank you, Beach & Dog Company, for this outstanding gift!

Good product

Happy with the purchase.. Would definitely recommend. Daisy loves to go for a ride in this..

Best dog bicycle basket ever!

This is the very best bike basket to carry a dog! I've tried at least three other companies' designs and they all sagged, wobbled, and never seemed quite secure. But the Assateague front mount basket is a sure bet. It's sturdy and with the bicycle bracket brace, it's a truly secure haven for your best friend. Mine is almost at the top weight of 20 lbs. (for this basket)-- and did great on the very first ride. Even slept a little; the basket with the pillow inside is that comfy. I used the double leash to position the dog in the center of the basket. The liner and pillow are attractive and durable and the whole thing took no more than 30 seconds to install. Outstanding product! Thank you!

Fun, Fun, Fun

Went for our maiden voyage today and it was perfect. Room for the dog plus other things. Love the pillow that makes it a much nicer ride for Oscar. The basket is sturdy and easy to install and cute! Great quality. All that I could have asked for.

Love it!

I love the basket and beautiful liner! There's a comedortable pillow in the bottom for my dog to sit on and the side clasps keep him in. I took him out for the first time and he ....LOVED IT! Wonderful sturdy product that is very safe for my dog and makes me happy too to take him along! ❤️

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