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    Frequently Answered Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions


    What are your baskets made of?


    Our baskets our made from a sustainable species of willow that grows like a small shrub. Thin flexible twigs, called withes, are hand picked and woven together to make the basket sides. Some of our baskets have a small metal frame woven into the lattice for strength and support, and all baskets with handles have a metal frame inside to ensure that the handle will hold whatever is in the basket without any chance of failure.

    The natural color baskets have a durable clear resin applied to maintain the natural beauty while keeping the elements from harming the wicker. The white baskets are coated with a latex paint that keeps moisture out and keeps the basket cool on hot summer days.


    How do I know if my dog will fit in a certain basket?


    All dogs are different. But if you want to be sure before ordering, draw a circle  on construction paper that matches the length and width of the basket you want and see if he can comfortably sit within the square. Dogs will usually sit while in the basket (not lay down) as they will want to experience the sights and smells of the ride. Please observe the weight limit specified on each basket. These baskets are strong, but they are not indestructible. All baskets will generally hold anything large enough to fit in it if you use the optional brace, but If you have a particularly heavy dog we recommend a rear mounted basket for extra support. With rear mounted baskets all the weight is supported by a user installed bicycle rack attached to the bike frame. Also, keep in mind when using a basket pillow, the dog will sit up another inch from the bottom of the basket.


    Please see our article describing how to properly measure your dog.


    Won't my dog jump out?


    That's always a possibility, and only you know how you dog will react to new situations, so use good judgement. But we haven't found a dog yet that won't understand how the basket works after a couple tries. After a few days your dog will be excited when he sees you get your bike ready for a ride. We also recommend using our optional basket leashes that attach to the bottom of the basket and can be used to help keep your little buddy from jumping while he is still learns the ropes. Using two leashes will keep him properly centered in the basket.

    Please see our article about getting your dog acclimated to riding in a basket.


    Do I need to purchase the basket brace?


    Our baskets will easily mount to the front handlebars of any bicycle with no special tools. They look great and will hold a lot of material. But for added support and for the safety of your animal we recommend a basket brace be installed, and require a brace for any front mounted basket holding more than 10 pounds. The brace takes the majority of the weight off the handlebars and rests it against the bicycle head tube while supporting the basket from underneath. It also places the basket in an upright position, which makes the ride more comfortable for your little co-pilot.

    Our Malibu front mount bicycle basket comes with a basket brace already installed. We use an aluminum bar to help distribute the stress and keep it secured to the brace.


    Do the baskets require any special care or maintenance?


    Keep the basket out of the sun, cold, rain, or snow when you are not riding. The willow is very durable and well protected but use common sense. When you're done riding bring your basket (and your bike) inside.

    Please see this article for more care instructions.


    Do basket liners and pillows require any special care?

    All basket liners and pillows are made from 100% cotton. Flannel liners are also 100% cotton. The pillows are stuffed with recycled premium polyester fiber. Basket liners and pillows should never be stored outside as they will fade and mildew if left in the elements. 

    Machine-wash on a gentle cold setting, use a non-chlorine bleach, air dry or tumble dry low, removing quickly after cycle. Use a warm iron on the liner. Do not iron pillows.


    Can you replace a collar or leash after my dog chewed it?


    Our lifetime guarantee is for material quality and craftsmanship, but we believe in riding that extra mile with our customers, so we will work with you to replace your collar or leash at cost, plus shipping, usually only a few dollars. Please remember that collar and leash styles change every year so we may not be able to get the exact same style. Email us, and we will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.


    When will you get X product back in stock?


    It's hard to say. The baskets are made in batches, so when a certain model sells out it can be a few months until we are ready to sell them again. The collars and leashes are made to order and we keep most in stock, but the webbing, ribbon, and buckles for a certain style or size will sometimes sell out. If something you want is not in stock, please add your name to our mailing list and we will email you as soon as we make more.


    Can I add my pets name to the basket liner or collar?


    Yes! We can monogram you or your pet's name onto basket liners or collars for a small fee. Allow an extra couple days in order for us to personalize your order. Please contact us for more information.


    What about a custom size collar?


    We can design any size in most collars. Please contact us for more information. Custom sized collars may take an extra day or two to craft.



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