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Assateague Front Mount Bike Basket

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Assateague Front Mount Bike Basket

The Assateague (pronounced 'as-uh-teeg') is named for the peaceful sand covered barrier island off the coast of Maryland. This state park is home to a herd of wild ponies. We named this basket in honor of the tough little horses that thrive in the sun and storms of Assateague island. Visitors to Assateague are rewarded with one of the most stunning natural beaches in the United States, where the crowds are nonexistent, and the wild beauty is open to lovers of camping, bicycles, and of course, dogs. Pet friendly camping on the beach is encouraged and this is one of the only beaches in America where dogs and horses can be seen together. But please don’t disturb the horses!

This willow basket is designed around a metal frame for maximum durability and coated with a clear resin to protect the lovely hand woven willow from the salt air and sun. The Assateague includes metal hooks that connect to your handlebars, and a steel reinforced handle in order to conveniently carry your items when you're not using your bicycle. This is one sturdy basket. Great for carrying dogs, items from the market, picnics… the possibilities are endless. Makes a great gift for that special bike and dog lover.

Use of a bicycle bracket brace (included) is required when carrying dogs in this basket. This is a very large basket. The bracket will ensure correct alignment on your bicycle and help properly distribute the dog's weight to the bicycle.

Includes Two (black) basket leashes and a front mount bracket to mount your bicycle's handlebar. 

Please see our complete line of Basket Accessories for beautiful handmade liners and pillows that fit this basket.

Dogs should always be secured with a Basket Leash (included). Other colors available.

Will your dog fit? See our Fit Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Shape Oval. Small on bottom and tappers to larger opening on top


Bottom inside width - 13.5 x 10 in  
Top inside width - 17 x 14 in

Height of basket wall - 14.5 in (Height is reduced one inch when using a pillow)

Recommended for dogs up to 28 lbs

Bottom inside width - 12 x 9 in  
Top inside width - 16 x 13 in

Height of basket wall - 12.5 in (Height is reduced one inch when using a pillow)

Recommended for dogs up to 20 lbs

Color Natural
Material Willow
This is a handmade product: Dimensions may be off by as much as 1/2 inch


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great sturdy basket!

Our dog Phoebe finally got to go for a ride in her new bike basket. We purchased the large and it was a perfect size for her. She is an 11 lb miniature dachshund so it held her weight perfectly without any sag to the basket. She can also lay down comfortably if she wants with plenty of room. The height is also perfect for her to sit and rest her head on the side, or for when she likes to stand and have her ears blowing in the wind. The quality of the basket is very sturdy, I feel like it will last a long time. We are thinking of placing some type of Velcro wrap around where the basket rests against the center bar, (below the handle bars), just to make sure it stays in place. We didn’t have an issue at all, but in the past we did with another brand basket, it would move off if we rode over a bump. Something else that I love is being able to switch the basket between my bike or my husbands without removing hardware or needing tools, just lifts right off and on easily. We did purchase a liner and pillow for her to add some extra comfort when sitting or laying down, although the pillow is a little too squishy, think it needs a little more stuffing, but the pattern is nice and will help the basket to stay clean.
Thank you for making a sturdy attractive basket!

Perfect basket

Finally, today, I tested the Assateague Front Mount Bike Basket (large), with our miniature schnauzer. It was a hit with both of us. As I always say: you get what you pay for, the price+quality is really good! I have a Public step through bike, the basket fits perfectly and sturdily held the dog, she weighs 13 pounds, and there was also enough space for a water bottle and bowl. The dog and the basket drew a lot of compliments at the farmer's market. I also love the green basket liner and pillow. I didn't have a chance for a photo but I will try and send one soon. Great customer service, love the bracket and the basket leashes, thank you for a great product and the extras!

Fun in the sun

We are very happy with the basket, the liner and the attachment, our Lucy enjoys the rides, she likes to stand in the basket and feel the breeze, ears flapping, tongue sticking out, sniffing the air.... We get lots of attention and we are having fun with that :) and so is Lucy

AMAZING Assateague Basket!!!! "Miss Penelope" loves her new ride!

The Assateague basket and vibrant pink liner are A++!!! (I added some silk flowers to the outside, with floral wire). Since I have an electric bike, I initially wondered how to get the basket around the extra cables. The Beach & Dog Team were SO thorough and patient, and within 24 hours of my inquiry... they had researched my brand of bike, the specs of the electric components, and provided recommendations in mounting the basket without pressing against the brake wires or compromising safety. You can see in the picture, how deep this basket is. As suggested, I put it on the floor, with a small treat encourage Penelope to investigate the basket. To my surprise, she bypassed the treat and hopped in and seemed ready to ride. Subsequently, I put a water-filled milk jug in the basket to get used to riding with the extra weight in front of the bike, before trying it with the dog. We get a lot of friendly waves and smiles as we pedal around the lake. Thank you, Beach & Dog!

Love ❤️ my basket!!

I purchased the Assateague Basket and found it very roomy for my 18lb Yorkie. It fit my Beach cruiser perfectly!!
This is a very well made sturdy basket I also purchased the liner and pillow and 2 leashes. Glad I did because the bottom of the basket would be uncomfortable for my dog and the double leash keeps him securely in place.
I looked at a lot of baskets and this one was the best by far. A little pricey but “ good ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t good”.
You will certainly get complimented I do every time we go for a ride.

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