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    Beach & Dog Co - Snout and Paw Wax

    Snout and Paw Wax - Beach & Dog Co.



    Your dog's paws are just as sensitive as the skin on your hand. Protect them from harsh heat, sand, and chemicals on the road with a protective nourishing wax barrier.



    Use on...

    Paws: Use prior to outdoor activities like hikes, walks on hot pavement, cold dry weather, and after fresh snow or salt. Prevents ice from adhering to the bottom of the paws and forms a protective barrier against salt and chemicals.

    Nose: Routine use prevents dry chapped areas that can lead to calluses and thickening of the skin. Soothes calluses that have already formed.

    Ears: Provides a wax barrier that keeps flies away. Soothes and relieves fly bitten ears. Lavender essential oil offers anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits. Lavender has a natural calming effect on dogs to keep them from scratching their ears.



    At Beach & Dog, we love dogs as much as you. Your dog's well being is important to you, that’s why we only use all natural, organic ingredients that support healthy skin, paws, and coat. We never use fragrances or chemicals. Dogs will lick just about anything you put on them, so make sure you know what’s in the products you buy. We list everything on the label in plain language. Using natural and organic products is good for your pet and it’s good for the environment.

    All our products are hand made in the United States. We don't source our products from overseas so we can carefully control quality and ensure you only get what’s printed on the label. We stand behind our all products with a 100% money back guarantee, that's our promise to you



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