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Snout and Paw Wax (4 oz) For Dry Chapped Cracked Noses and Paws

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Protection From The Elements

Beach & Dog Co. Snout and Paw Wax is an all natural, organic formula developed to protect your dog's skin from the elements. Extreme heat, cold, and dryness can damage sensitive areas not covered by hair. Our balm provides moisture to the skin while protecting from the elements with beeswax.

  • Paws: Use prior to outdoor activities like hikes, walks on hot pavement, cold dry weather, after fresh snow or salt. Prevents ice from adhering to the bottom of the paws and forms a protective barrier against salt and chemicals.
  • Nose: Routine use prevents dry chapped areas that can lead to calluses and thickening of the skin. Soothes calluses that have already formed.
  • Ears: Provides a wax barrier that keeps flies away. Soothes and relieves fly bitten ears. Lavender essential oil offers anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits.




Organic Coconut oil, Grape Seed oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil


Apply generous amount to dogs nose, paws, and ears. Distract dog to prevent licking until balm is fully absorbed. To relieve problem areas apply 2 to 3 times daily until condition improves. Apply to your dog’s paw pads before going outside, at least once a day. Rub between toe pads to prevent ice build-up. Keep away from eyes and genitals. Discontinue usage if there is any adverse reaction.

Safety Information

This product contains essential oils that may be harmful to cats. Cats lack the liver enzyme glucuronyl tranferase that allow them to break down compounds found in essential oil. Please do not use this product on cats. 


Beach & Dog Co. Proudly Supports Our Local Animal Shelters

A portion of all sales are donated to local animal shelters to help stray, abandoned, and surrendered dogs for the purpose of finding permanent new homes and reasonable cost general veterinary services. Your purchase supports the dignity and quality of life of these animals.


Customer Reviews

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My daughter's dog always has a dry nose. It is very ruff on the top of his nose. After using Snout and Paw, it is much smoother.

Good winter protection!

This has been great for the pads of my Standard Poodle's feet. I have noticed a difference in the week we have been using it. Her pads are softer and not as irritated by all the salt used to treat our street.

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