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Large Monterey dog basket

This is the sturdiest basket! My long legged 16 pound pup fits great in it, even with the beautiful basket liner with cushion. I rate this a 10!

Good quality and has a pillow for the bottom of the basket.

We had to return the basket and liners. The basket did not fit our e-bikes. We liked the colors and pillow for the bottom of the basket. Nice product, too bad we were not able to use it.

Having so much fun!

The basket is so well made and fits on my bike so easy and secure. My dog loves it and we are having such a great time.

Company Worked With Me to Return

I absolutely loved the look of the bike basket! However, it simply could not secure to my bike. I was very appreciative that the company was willing to work with me to return the basket. Thank you!

Works perfectly!

Was so happy to find this so I wouldn’t have to macgyver a way to keep doggie safe in basket. Exactly as described!

Amazing and fun!

This basket was absolutely perfect for my 5lb poodle. He actually has so much fun riding around in it and took to it quite quickly!

We started him out on a short ride, and on the next one was a champ. Little tip: gave him a treat he loves (a bite of corned beef) at the deli when we arrived and he continues with fond memories that are attached to his bike rides.

I am very satisfied with the paw grip. It has helped my older lab tremendously. Its easier for her to get up without her feet sliding and she's not falling from her back legs sliding anywhere near as much. She's not crazy about having her feet touched but she does let me put this on.

Perfect rear bike basket for my pup!

This basket is very sturdy and my pup loves it! My only complaint is that the installation instructions were confusing. Would highly recommend!

So cute

I bought this adorable basket for it’s versatility. I wanted something I could take on and off my bike pretty easily and something for my little guy while on car rides. My puppy gets car sick and having a small space for him while in the car is helpful. He curls up in the basket and falls asleep on every car ride now and hasn’t thrown up in the car since we got the basket. I have not used the basket on my bike just yet- he just had his last set of puppy shots and we’re waiting until he can safely go outside. We use the basket to transport him to and from the car and he’s so cute when his head pokes out the top to watch where we’re going. The bike connection is not removable from the basket so if you’re planning on using it off the bike, just keep that in mind. I did buy the liner and pillow- he loves that too. The basket is cute enough to hang out in my living room and hold his toys while we’re not using it. I have a three-month old Scottish terrier and he’s about 11 pounds. We can’t wait to try it on the bikes!

Great for my old guy

My 16 year old dog has a hard time navigating our wood and tile floors. Paw grip has definitely help him.
He has a much easier time rising and standing in place.



Difficult fit to bike luggage rack

Our order arrived quickly and was well packaged. The only issue encountered was mounting the basket to the bicycle luggage rack which is a tapered platform instead of the straight side variety. After some modification to the mount hardware I was able to obtain a secure fit. The quality of the basket, mount and wire cover to keep fido onboard are all excellent. Based on the mounting issue mentioned I would recommend this basket & cover to owners of conventional bikes with balloon tires for ride comfort and ease of mounting.

I love ❤️ my baskets!!!

I love cloth of my baskets.... they are excellent quality and they look great on my new vintage bike I ordered from Amsterdam😊

Love love love!

My little girl absolutely loves her new front basket! It’s well put together, secure, easy to remove and perfectly sized for her 7 lbs. The cover is well made and little pillow adds a soft spot for her to sit. Love it!

We have the bigger back mounted basket (from her bigger sister) that has been used for years and has held up beautifully, but she’s tired of looking at my back and trying to see around me. So now she can enjoy the full view during our rides and is so much happier!

Wonderful baskets!

Very happy with my basket,received it very quick,all is good !

Worth every penny!

Hight quality product.. my daughters brought me one for Mother’s Day. I loved it so much I brought my sister and her dog one too. I recommend this basket for your pet!

Fun for the little one

So great that we can take our puppy everywhere we go. She's still getting used to being in the basket, but as long as we're moving she's loving it!

Love my new basket!

This basket is cute on my bike, easy to assemble and my 16 lb French Bulldog loves it!

Love at First Ride!

Excellent product. Excellent Customer Service! Could not be more satisfied. More importantly Lucy loves it ❤️

Great Basket!

My 20lb Shih Tzu, who has a very long body and short legs, fits comfortably in the basket on top of two small pillows. The basket is easy to put on and take off of my bike (Kona Hybrid) as well. I highly recommend!

Neko loves it!

My dog loves it! The basket/cage and attachment seem very well made. The instructions to install leave a LOT to be desired. I had to buy a new bike rack because my existing one wasn't long enough to fit the basket. The instruction indicate that you should secure this basket to the bike rack with a screw that sticks up into the basket, which seems odd, so we secured it with a bungy cord instead. I'm going to replace the cute, but cheap, cushion with a rigid piece of foam to span the bungy cord; the provided cushion gets bunched up after 2 seconds of my dog being in the basket. I also customized the little oval metal emblem that came with this. It originally had beach dog written on it, but since I live in a city, it seemed a little strange to call my dog a beach dog. It's easy to get off and I turned it around, added his name, and now everyone can shout, "hi Neko" when we're biking thru the neighborhood. My dog is 18 pounds and he has plenty of room. Thanks for selling this, Beach Dog Co!


My Bob (20 pounds) sits in the basket and acts like a princess showing off the bones on his cushion!


Awesome that the basket is big enough for my 20 pound dog.He loves it!

Assateague medium bike basket liner

LOVE the black and white polka dot basket liner and pillow. Beautifully made. I received it and the basket very quickly after ordering. The basket plus the liner are just the best! Worth every penny!

Assateague medium Front Mount Bike Basket

Best basket ever. My 10 1/2 pound Cairn Terrier fits perfectly and comfortably in it. She’s a little short legged so I folded up her small dog blanket and put it on top of the liner and dog pillow that I also ordered from you. It is perfect.... and we’ve tried two other (cloth) pet carriers for our bikes. Both awful. They’ve been recycled. Plenty of room in the medium for my dog to lay down or sit up. Actually, another small dog would fit in it along with her! LOVE IT!

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