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Navy Blue Polka Dot Liner
Love it!

This is the 4th liner (three others were lost during our move to a new house) I've purchased from Beach & Dog for my Assateague Basket. It is very nice and well put together. My dog enjoys her comfy rides sitting on the pillow.

Love this!

I have always wanted a front mount basket for my 15 lb chi mix. But I was concerned that it was too much weight for the front. This basket is so well made and the weight is distributed in such a way that it feels safe to ride….nice & solid. My dog was comfortable right away. You get what you pay for. This is a quality product and so easy to “install.” It slips right over the handlebars. I do not hesitate to recommend this product.


My poodles really like this wonderful basket. They enjoy the ride and can move around. The basket is very sturdy and stays on the bike very well. I did another review but I wanted to add a photo. I am so happy we found these baskets for our bike for our dogs!

Hope for my Lab

I appreciate all of the ingredients this product has. I just don't see much improvement in his being able to get up on a non carpeted floor...it could be many reasons. But you said to be honest. My suggestion would be to change the delivery system so that more product is easily accessible...thank you!

Nice sturdy basket
My husband and Bubba enjoy riding the motorcycle together.

Best Basket Ever!!

I do not have a dog. But, this is the perfect size basket for EVERYTHING!!
Shopping, going to the beach, etc.

Cape May is just what we needed

The basket was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Installation was a snap and our Frenchie, Beau, was immediately comfortable being in it. Wouldn't change a thing and we are looking forward to years of use taking Beau with us on our bike excursions.

Enjoying the dog days of summer!

The rear basket is well-made and secured easily to my bike thanks to the clear instructions. I’ve taken my dog for several rides, and there is no wobbling or cause for concern.

Teddy is probably at the upper end of the weight range (18 or 19lb) and while I am unable to fit him and the cushion in the basket, I’m still pleased with the liner as it protects the wicker. Both products exceeded my expectations - thanks for such a great product!

Works great!

I ordered some of this a few years back and honestly it lasts a long time. I decided to order another brand because I could get it through Amazon. No way did it even come close to working as well so went back to your brand. I have a bull dog/pug whose nose gets very dry. This works wonders. Thank you for a great product.

Great quality but would benefit from small changes

The basket seems to be great quality. A few things I would change about it - the straps that attach the wire cover to the basket are a little loose and don't seem well thought out. It would be great if they were more like removable hinges? It is not easy to remove from the bicycle after placement so I would not recommend this for someone who wants to take it on and off constantly.

This tether works in multiple ways and I'm thrilled with it!

This tether (I bought three of them) works wonderfully with the harness I have for LuLu. The harness has 3 O-rings on it which I attached to each of the 3 tethers. However, even though I shortened them, they were still too long. So, instead of clipping one end to the basket and using the other clip for the harness, I shortened the tethers and looped them through the O-rings and attached them back onto the basket. Bingo! Perfect. We ride every night. I've made more friends in my community than I would have just riding alone because I have LuLu with me. Other friends in my community have bought trikes and we ride together. I have to admit that it's great fun. I know LuLu is secure and although she rides behind me, my friends constantly watch her and they tell me she's loving it. After about a week of riding, she decided she could jump into the basket herself when it's time to go! She's 13 years old, but this little gal is ready to go! Thank you, Beach & Dog, for a quality product.

Seems To Help Some......

Mr. Bear has a hard time on our Vinyl Plank Floors.......Paw Grip seems to help but I need to apply daily if not more often.

This wax is amazing!

After an elbow surgery and rehab for 6 weeks my 9 months old toy Chihuahua had real issues walking on the slippery porcelain floor of our house. The Dr recommended this brand and this specific wax since it's organic balanced. After 3 days he started to take baby steps around his bed and trying to reach the water bowl on his own. After 2 weeks of use at night only, he is running around just like before the accident. His pawns are really soft and he even enjoys the taste of the wax. Thank you much, your product is truly amazing.

Love our dog bed on a bike basket. Very secure. My dog can view 360 degrees and very comfortable. Love that I even could pick the fabric for cushion. Thanks

Awesome basket!

The basket is huge, sturdy and very well made. Goes on and off the bike easily. We bought the larger one even though our biggest jack Russell weighs 18 pounds so they have extra room. No training needed, they fight over who gets to go for a ride first. Already getting lots of compliments and haven’t left the neighborhood yet!

Perfect for Peddling with your Pal!

Sophie loves peddling around town and being the center of attention!! Everyone loves her.. & the basket, of course.. which is well made & stylish! Well worth the purchase! Can’t wait for my new lil pup to try it out this summer!!

Dog Bandana Basket Liner
Cathy B.
Perfect of a cairn terrier

My mom thought Reba needed a basket to rid in like the Wizard of Oz. Now the weather non Michigan needs to comply

Navy Blue Polka Dot Liner
Michael V.
Nice fabric liner

The liner is the perfect must-have accessory to complete the basket. Fits nicely and the bottom pillow is a wonderful touch. My pup and I love it!

Basket is perfect

Perfect size. Snapped on in seconds—no tools. Absolutely perfect.

Safe and happy

I put this basket on my wife’s bike for her 4 year old fur baby. Basket is very sturdy and safe. It is easy to say that both were very happy.

Bright Pink Liner

I purchased the Monterey basket for our 25-pound French Bulldog. This liner and pillow really makes the ride comfy and it looks great. I wouldn't love the basket as much without the addition of this liner and pillow. Really high quality materials and well made.

Fantastic Buy!

I purchased this basket after trying a couple of other bicycle baskets that were just not comfortable for my dog. My 25-pound Frenchie just loves this one. It fits him perfectly, with room to spare. It's deep enough that I don't have to worry about him bouncing out. I like that the basket is solid, so it is not 'flopping around' like the canvas one did. I got a hot pink liner to match my bike, and it looks so great. You won't regret this purchase. I can tell it will last for years to come and I'll have lots of miles of riding with my dog. I'll be a Beach & Dog Co. customer from now on!

This Jack Russell is one happy dog!

I bought this basket with cage because my Jackie had learned to get out of his pet stroller by squeezing through the small opening around the zipper. As with most Jack Russells; my guy is a runner. He recently ran out our front door and ran across a road with heavy traffic. His guardian Angel was doing overtime. I was at my wits end because he loved being outside. I decided to take a chance with the Monterey basket with cage and he took to it immediately. He loves it and the smiles we get from everyone when they see him in his basket are priceless. Having him on my handlebars is a learning process but well worth the effort. The only change I would make is to buy two additional straps to anchor the basket. The three that come with it work well but it would make me feel better to have the additional straps. What a fantastic product!❤️

Beautiful and fashionable

I bought the Jupiter Beach front mount basket for my 4 months old Russel terrier mix and I absolutely love it. My dog really enjoys riding around with me and feeling the breeze in her face while comfortably sitting in her basket.
I also purchased the liner for the basket and it comes with a lovely plush cushion that makes my dog’s ride a lot easier, and super stylish.
The basket is very well constructed, and very simple to install.
I would definitely recommend this product and would encourage any potential buyer to add the basket liner for maximum comfort for their pet.

Best ever!

We’ve had this basket for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier! I have it attached to the rack on my ebike.
Our little Chiweenie thinks it’s awesome, he’s 15 lbs. and a little on the long side. 😁
Tried a few others first, didn’t feel comfortable with anything until this.
Your dog will love it!

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