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I couldn't be happier. I kept looking and looking, not finding something that caught my eye. I started searching and came across your site. The quality is great. The order shipped quick too.

Great fit for my pup and me

Ordered the basket and liner from the website, following the instructions there for measuring. It came and fit her perfectly. She’s 15 pounds, but long. Took her out for her first ride today, and she loved it. I haven’t ridden much for years, and thought bringing my dog along would be a good motivator. Took her a few minutes to settle in, but the double buckle system kept her from jumping out. She sat further down in the basket after the first few minutes. I was worried I wouldn’t find a basket big enough for her to comfortably ride in, but this was perfect. Easy attachment to the bike, too. Thank you!

Very Nice

I found the basket liner to be very nice. The pillow is a nice touch. The only thing different I would to would make it with elastic instead of ties as my chihuahua ends up pulling it down even when I tie it tight. I may have to do that, otherwise, very nice.

Fantastic ride for Ziggy

I have been most pleased with my rear-mounted basket, liner, cushion and the short leashes to keep Ziggy from doing anything crazy. It is a high quality product and looks great as we ride around our Charleston neighborhood. As soon as I unboxed the basket, Ziggy (Chihuahua mix) sensed it was his and enjoyed sitting in it on our living room floor for a day or two until I mounted it on the bike. Now he enjoys our rides, despite his inability to indulge his extreme fascination with urine as up-close and personal as he is accustomed to when we walk. This having him sit in the basket prior to mounting was a good step for his accommodation in advance of putting the pooch in for the first ride.
In terms of the mounting hardware and system, the side thumbscrew worked fine for the type of rear rack that I have. Because my rear rack had a thin, flat metal panel on it, I had to drill a hole through that panel to accommodate the bottom thumbscrew. But I'm glad I did that and used both, because the basket was noticeably more stable with the two screws compared to with the side screw alone. I highly recommend this classy basket for dogs up to about 12 or 16 pounds.

Awesome Basket from an Awesome Company!

This Malibu basket was exactly what we were looking for in a bike basket and much more! We had been wanting to take along our little rescue “Lexi” and after finding Beach and Dog it was finally possible. We had some fit issues as it was mounted on an E-bike, but the folks at Beach and Dog were super responsive and worked through the issue with us without hesitation. Lexi took to the basket instantly and absolutely loves being along for the ride. We placed some air pillows under the cushion and liner so she was a bit higher as she is on the short side. I highly recommend purchasing from this company as the customer service is extraordinary and the quality of their bike baskets are top notch!

Absolutely perfect

We bought the Rear Rack Bike Baskets for our Scoozy Electric Bikes with the Basket liners. Our bike racks were too wide for the mounting bracket that comes with the baskets. No problem. I mounted them with heavy duty zip ties. They're 1/2 inch wide zip ties that can handle 240 lbs. A little over kill, but they worked great. Our two boys love bike riding with us now.

Excellent & easy to put on & off handle bars

My dachshund is absolutely loving his new basket!!

My dog is happy again

No more irritation. No more scratching

Shayna loves her ride!

Wonderful purchase! Great quality! Easy to set up! Very secure and safe! She loved it!

Cape may basket

My 20lb mini doxie loves riding in his basket. Mounts securely!! So much fun!! I'm super glad I bought 2 of them!! One for each dog and each bike!!. I'm going to measure my daughters bike for a front mounting basket for my next purchase!! 5 star customer service!!

Love our baskets !!!
And this company. They are so kind and quick with their service too!
We are pleased with the new basket design with the thicker wood bottom. Much sturdier and so stable. You will be very happy with your purchase and you can trust that if there are any questions or problems you will receive a very quick, courteous and thorough response. They go out of their way to make sure you happy with their product. Enjoy !
Thank you Beach Dog !!!

We love this basket

I frequently get comments from people when Daisy (my Westie pup) and I are out running errands: "so cute." More importantly, Daisy loves to ride in the along.
I found the perfect rear bike rack that works hand-in-hand with Beach and Dog Co.'s new attachment mechanism. Simplified everything. And I was able to use the shorter "thumb screw" of the attachment mechanism on the side, and eliminate the second, longer screw entirely.
I purchased the liner at the same time - a must. And the safety straps have already protected Daisy in a quick stop.
I thank Beach and Dog Co. for providing such a wonderful product. I would purchase again in a heartbeat.

Perfect addition to the basket

The lining was a beautiful color and fit the basket perfectly. My little dog was riding in comfort and style.

Great sturdy basket!

Our dog Phoebe finally got to go for a ride in her new bike basket. We purchased the large and it was a perfect size for her. She is an 11 lb miniature dachshund so it held her weight perfectly without any sag to the basket. She can also lay down comfortably if she wants with plenty of room. The height is also perfect for her to sit and rest her head on the side, or for when she likes to stand and have her ears blowing in the wind. The quality of the basket is very sturdy, I feel like it will last a long time. We are thinking of placing some type of Velcro wrap around where the basket rests against the center bar, (below the handle bars), just to make sure it stays in place. We didn’t have an issue at all, but in the past we did with another brand basket, it would move off if we rode over a bump. Something else that I love is being able to switch the basket between my bike or my husbands without removing hardware or needing tools, just lifts right off and on easily. We did purchase a liner and pillow for her to add some extra comfort when sitting or laying down, although the pillow is a little too squishy, think it needs a little more stuffing, but the pattern is nice and will help the basket to stay clean.
Thank you for making a sturdy attractive basket!

Better than expected!

WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I was surprised how easily the existing well-attached mount fit my bicycle. My 13 lb girl loves it! It is probably a bit bigger than needed, but she looks secure since her neck just comes to the top of the basket. I took off one star only because I wished I had realized I needed to order a special leash hook up to attach so she won't jump out (Available separately through Beach & Dog Co.) The mount is available separately, but the basket came with one already attached. Since it's so easy to put on and take off, I'm concerned about easy theft while I'm in a restaurant or store. I'm going to buy a little cable lock for the basket. I appreciate the custom liner. The material is thin, so I made a pad to line the basket under it. All in all, it's awesome!

Ruby's beach ride-along

My Ruby and I absolutely love this comfy basket. Every Fathers Day weekend for over 25 years my family has a reunion at the beach in Wildwood Crest NJ. One of our traditions is to rent bikes and ride the length of the boardwalk on Saturday morning to our breakfast destination (can you imagine the the trail of the 45+ riders). For the last few years I've rented a bike with a basket for my Ruby to ride-along in, but the rental is only for a couple hours and goes by so quickly, and I always need to bring plenty of beach towels to make sure the basket is somewhat comfortable for Ruby. This year I decided to purchase a bike of my own. The Beach & Dog Co basket was the perfect fit both for my bike and for my JRT Ruby. I am so happy with my purchase, and Ruby is too. Now, back at home in Pennsylvania, I take Ruby for rides all the time. When she sees me easily strapping the basket to the back rack of my bike she gets so excited knowing she's headed for an outing. Thank you Beach & Dog Co for making such a wonderfully crafted, beautiful and comfortable basket for my Ruby to ride-along!

Easily applied

My white dog's muzzle top is a little sparse on fur. This product is very easy to apply, and my dog's muzzle has not been sunburned.

At The Lake Basket Liner
The Liners are Amazing!!!

How do you spend time with your Furvarite people? For us, it’s time on the bike. We have a trailer, but our little “Buddy” gets a little ‘Barky’ and rambunctious in the trailer. After finding the basket on Amazon, we quickly realized we needed the liner to make it a complete dog carrying solution. All I can say, is it’s a Home Run! Buddy sits in the basket now, and watches the world go by. We can call his name, and he’ll look at us, but quickly go back to watching the world as he does not want to miss anything. The liner, and matching pillow are perfect though. For the first ride, he sat quietly, and didn’t shift around like he used to. Thank you for making the baskets and liners - they have made riding with our Fur Kids fun!

Love our rear mount basket

We received our basket and couldn’t wait to try it out. It was the first time our fur babies were on a bike and they did great. I love this basket and the liner we purchased. I’m so thankful I ordered the leads as my young yorkie decided to jump out of the basket! Luckily she couldn’t go anywhere and a huge disaster was averted.

Awesome basket!!

We just got back from our inaugural bike ride and the basket is perfect! It’s sturdy, adorable with the liner, and just big enough for my 12 lb. schnauzer to sit comfortably without roaming. The new attachment mechanism was super -easy to fit to the bike. We had some trouble with the attachments for the leash leads (I immediately broke one trying to get them on the basket) so I just got a couple of good carabiners and it works great. Can’t wait to go out again!

Light Green with White Polka Dots Basket Liner
Nice Liner and Pillow

My dog and I really like the new basket liner. I would buy 2 other liner patterns but were sold out.

The Nose Knows!

Love this product! Second year of purchase for my red-nosed Pittie who loves her sunbathing (I also use it for her creamy white belly) and it has performed very well - no burns, easy to apply and it's safe for her! I have even used for me!

Love love love!!

We have purchased several liners from this company and they make such a lovely addition! I purchased two “female” looking liners and two “male” looking liners so that each of my dogs has their own liner!! They love the ride!

Biker Jojo

Biker Jojo loves her new ride.

cartoon dogs w bones

Fun pattern! Red is vibrant. Fits basket perfectly! Good material. Bows are so cute on the side that cinch the liner around the basket. Arrived a day ahead of schedule.

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