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Awesome basket!!

We just got back from our inaugural bike ride and the basket is perfect! It’s sturdy, adorable with the liner, and just big enough for my 12 lb. schnauzer to sit comfortably without roaming. The new attachment mechanism was super -easy to fit to the bike. We had some trouble with the attachments for the leash leads (I immediately broke one trying to get them on the basket) so I just got a couple of good carabiners and it works great. Can’t wait to go out again!

Nice Liner and Pillow

My dog and I really like the new basket liner. I would buy 2 other liner patterns but were sold out.

The Nose Knows!

Love this product! Second year of purchase for my red-nosed Pittie who loves her sunbathing (I also use it for her creamy white belly) and it has performed very well - no burns, easy to apply and it's safe for her! I have even used for me!

Love love love!!

We have purchased several liners from this company and they make such a lovely addition! I purchased two “female” looking liners and two “male” looking liners so that each of my dogs has their own liner!! They love the ride!

Biker Jojo

Biker Jojo loves her new ride.

cartoon dogs w bones

Fun pattern! Red is vibrant. Fits basket perfectly! Good material. Bows are so cute on the side that cinch the liner around the basket. Arrived a day ahead of schedule.

So precious!

This basket liner and cushion set is so well made and fits perfectly in the basket I chose. So glad I found this company!

Absolutely love this!

I received my basket and accessories a lot sooner than expected. The construction is top notch and I can see it lasting for many years to come. My 2 small shih tzus (about 7 lbs each) ride in it comfortably using the safety leashes attached to their harnesses. We enjoy this basket so much!

Fun addition

I love my new bike basket. I did not use the huge zip ties included with the basket. I got rigid velcro to strap the basket on. Our 23lb Cavalier loves going for a ride!

Hot Spot Relief Salve

It works, and it is non-toxic to animals. Noticeable relief for my pet within minutes. She stop chewing her tail within minutes.

A basket for Oliver or a few bottles of wine!

I received my beautiful basket during the worst snow storm in 70 years! I decided to go with the large Assaleague basket and the Black Polka dot liner. The basket took my breath away! I couldn't wait to get it on my bike! It was super easy to attach to the handlebars and bike frame. I have not had the pleasure of taking it for a spin as we still have ice on the roads. I purchased this basket in hopes that my dog Oliver will want to ride with me. He is 26 lbs and ready for anything. If it's a no go with Oliver I figure I can fit lunch for 4 plus a few bottles of wine! Either way it's a win-win for me!

Coasting in Seattle

Very nice Liner, just too short

I recieved the liner for our basket, it fits very good. One down was that the cushion is square although the basket is oval, but it works. But the liner was too short, it always slipped into the basket with the dog inside, so I added a four inch piece of fabric and changed the fixing strip also to enlarge the length of the liner. Now it stays in place with the dog inside. So my recommendation is to add about 4-5 inches length to the fabric to deepen it, and maybe change the cushion form to an oval one. Thank you

Works as advertised

We have a 90 pound, 13 year old Labradoodle that is having issues getting up on the hard surface floors. His hips and rear suspension are going out. Starting with the first application of this product we have notice a marked improvement in his ability to get up. He loves to sleep on the cool hard tile and we were getting concerned that he might hurt himself trying to get up. This has added just enough traction that that is not a concern. He has never had an issue with us handling his feet, so when he lays down for a nap we will apply the Paw Grip. We reapply after he has been outside for walks to do his business. Otherwise it seems to last between outside trips. As a bonus, we have noticed it does a nice job of softening his crusty hard paws.

Great find

I had an old basked that was not stable enough for my pets. This bracket is perfect. I live the baskets sold by beach and dog, but this allowed me to keep a basket in every bike... and so easy to take on and off yet secure. Perfect for my husband when we don’t take the dogs- he prefer no basket, no surprise there.

Amazing product!
She was very happy riding on the bike!!

This is a perfect basket and very stylish and sturdy. My pug fits perfectly in it.

Love this!

I live part of the year in Mexico and ride my bike all over. My dog, Mijo, loves riding in the basket and this cushion makes it comfy for him. Now
the two of us ride everywhere! Thanks so much!

Sweet liner

What can I say, it's cute and well made. The pillow: super cushy, my dog is comfy during our rides. So, yes, 5 stars. I do wish that there were more fabric choices, maybe plain colors, no prints. I highly recommend Beach & Dog products. I am a happy customer

Perfect basket

Finally, today, I tested the Assateague Front Mount Bike Basket (large), with our miniature schnauzer. It was a hit with both of us. As I always say: you get what you pay for, the price+quality is really good! I have a Public step through bike, the basket fits perfectly and sturdily held the dog, she weighs 13 pounds, and there was also enough space for a water bottle and bowl. The dog and the basket drew a lot of compliments at the farmer's market. I also love the green basket liner and pillow. I didn't have a chance for a photo but I will try and send one soon. Great customer service, love the bracket and the basket leashes, thank you for a great product and the extras!

Basket lease

I ordered 2. Keeps my little papillon safe and secure.

Very Happy

I am very happy with this basket. The size and quality are perfect! My 7lb papillon loves it. I made the liner and pillow for the basket.

Love it!

My Pomeranian is about 10-12 pounds and he fits perfectly in the basket and absolutely LOVES it!

Worked Perfect

We bought this basket for our puppy and she loves it. She had no issues from the moment we put her in. We decided to do the double leash and the wire top with the idea that she will eventually graduate to just the leashes. We use removable straps to attach the basket and bring the basket in our house. She loves it so much it is her favorite spot to sleep. Thanks for creating a perfect commuter product!

Sporty Anchor Collar

This collar is the perfect companion to the matching leash! Can't wait to show Finn off in it at Anna Maria Island in September!

Nautical Leash

Finn will be well prepared for long walks at the beach on Anna Maria Island come September with this stylish leash!

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